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Hệ thống chỉ số đánh giá chất lượng trường đại học (2): Quá trình

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The order of importance is: B-3 Administration resources, B-4 Curriculum planning, B-2 Research results, B-1 Teaching quality, B-5 Tutorship results, and B-6 Retention rate.

Table 2: PEIs of Higher education
Aspects Items PEIs Mean Order
Process (tổng cộng 38 chỉ số, 6 lãnh vực)

B-1 - Teaching quality
B-1-1 Concepts and practices for improving teaching quality 6.14 5.70 4
B-1-2 Curriculum planning of faculty 5.71
B-1-3 Full time faculty to student ratio 5.64
B-1-4 Part time faculty and student ratio 5.43
B-1-5 Weekly class hours per full time faculty 5.43
B-1-6 Conditions and implementation of faculty teaching evaluation system 5.93B-1-7 Number of student in one class 5.64

B-2 - Research results
B-2-1 Integration research and planning 6.17 5.74 3
B-2-2 Average funding and number of grant per faculty 5.86
B-2-3 Paper published in Journal per faculty 6.00
B-2-4 Paper published in renowned Journal per faculty 5.86
B-2-5 Books published per faculty 5.54
B-2-6 Number of paper published in conference per faculty 5.43
B-2-7 Average full time faculty license 5.32

B-3 - Administration resource
B-3-1 Student to staff ratio 6.13 5.79 1
B-3-2 Administration organization framework 5.43
B-3-3 Staff expense to total expense ratio 5.50
B-3-4 Faculty and student satisfaction level towards administration 6.24
B-3-5 Faculty to staff ratio 5.71
B-3-6 Staff support to student ratio 5.57
B-3-7 Use of administration fund 5.91
B-3-8 Administration facilities 5.84

B-4 Curriculum Planning
B-4-1 Curriculum planning 6.17 5.76 2
B-4-2 Curriculum development characteristics 6.07
B-4-3 Curriculum evaluation 6.00
B-4-4 Curriculum efficiency evaluation and improvement 6.00
B-4-5 Total credit and decided strategy 5.29
B-4-6 Average subjects per course 5.57
B-4-7 Average credit per course 5.43
B-4-8 Education course to professional course ratio 5.57

B-5 - Tutorship result
B-5-1 Number of student attend societies 5.04 5.54 5
B-5-2 Society performance 5.74
B-5-3 Staff tasks promotion performance 5.24
B-5-4 Graduate career counseling and follow-up 6.12
B-5-5 Organization and activities circumstances in each course 5.57

B-6 - Retention rate
B-6-1 Average graduation rate 5.26 5.24 6
B-6-2 Freshman retention 5.57
B-6-3 Temporary drop out rate 5.13
B-6-4 Withdraw rate 5.00

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