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Hệ thống chỉ số đánh giá chất lượng trường đại học (1): Đầu vào

Phần đăng dưới đây là kết quả của một nghiên cứu sử dụng phương pháp Delphi nhằm xây dựng một hệ thống chỉ số đánh giá chất lượng trường đại học. Bản gốc có thể tìm được theo đường link đã nêu ở trên.
Through analysis of collected literature and three times of Delphi agreement, this study has concluded 18 evaluation items and 84 PEIs in the three aspects. The descriptions of the three aspects are stated as followings:

Input Aspect- See Table 1
The order of importance is: A-6 Development target, A-4 Teaching resources, A-2 Faculty resources, A-3 Financial resources, A-5 Student structure and A-1 Student quality.

Table 1: PEIs of Higher education
Aspects - Items - PEIs - Mean - Order

Input (tổng cộng 30 chỉ số, 6 lãnh vực)

A-1 - Student quality
A-1-1 Conditions for student entry 5.57 5.40 6
A-1-2 Registration rate 5.43
A-1-3 Student entry methods 5.19

A-2 - Faculty resources
A-2-1 Ratio of faculty with a PhD 5.71 5.61 3
A-2-2 Student/faculty ratio 6.20
A-2-3 Faculty personnel expense to income rate 5.57
A-2-4 Ratio of assistant professor 5.64
A-2-5 Full/part time faculty ratio 5.14
A-2-6 Ratio of full time faculty education’s level 5.50
A-2-7 Ratio of full time faculty job positions 5.50

A-3 - Financial resources
A-3-1 Ratio of library and equipments expenses to the overall budget of a university 6.21 5.52 4
A-3-2 Total funding of university internal financial in GNP 5.29
A-3-3 University internal financial funding to total national funding 5.29 A-3-4 Total ratio of other expense to income 5.29

A-4 - Teaching resources
A-4-1 Average facility expense per student 6.17 5.72 2
A-4-2 Average library cost per student 6.07
A-4-3 Ratio of total funding to each student 6.00
A-4-4 Average student per article in library 5.86
A-4-5 Faculty research space allocation 5.21
A-4-6 Classroom and learning space ratio 5.50
A-4-7 Ratio of graduate acting as research or teaching assistant 5.2 1

A-5 - Student structure
A-5-1 Postgraduate/undergraduate ratio 5.57 5.46 5
A-5-2 Part time/ full time student ratio 5.36

A-6 - Development target
A-6-1 Medium and long term plan of university 6.14 6.03 1
A-6-2 University education prospect and target 5.93
A-6-3 University development characteristics 6.07
A-6-4 Development characteristics of each department 6.07
A-6-5 Plan content and operation in each college 5.93

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