Friday, December 10, 2010

Institutional research (2): Tài nguyên dành cho nghiên cứu nội bộ

Những tài nguyên sau đây do chính AIR giới thiệu trong tài liệu The Primer for Institutional Research, Knight (ed) 2003, chương kết luận.

A number of organizations, in addition to AIR, provide information, resources, and professional development opportunities that are beneficial to institutional researchers. Among these organizations are the Society for College and University Planning (, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (, the American Association for Higher Education (, the American Council on Education (, the Association for the Study of Higher Education (, the National Center for Educational Statistics (http://nces.ed.aov), the American College Testing Program ( Educational Testing Service (, John Minter Associates (, the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems ( the Southern Regional Education Board ( and the Western Interstate Consortium for Higher Education (

Các bạn vào những trang này để khám phá nhé!

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